Department of Atmospheric, Oceanic & Space Sciences in the College of Engineering at the University of Michigan

Earth System Science & Engineering (ESSE)

How is AOSS involved in ESSE activities?

AOSS faculty and students describe and explain phenomena in the atmospheres of the sun, Earth, planets and the space in between. The world of AOSS faculty includes space science and engineering projects on Earth, Mars, Saturn, Mercury and a comet. And it can be your world,too, as an AOSS ESSE student.


The joint ESSE program embraces the notion that the earth is coupled to the space environment in which it is immersed, and that it consists of a multitude of closely coupled internal systems. This Earth System (earth and its space environment) is the subject of all of the research that takes place in the AOSS Department and is the natural subject of our undergraduate curriculum. The subject matter associated with the Earth System is extremely diverse and wide-ranging. To varying degrees, it includes the earth, oceans, atmosphere, solar and near-earth space environments, and planetary systems.

How do the parts of the whole affect each other? Do solar flares from the Sun have an impact on global warming? How do our activities affect both the Earth's physical and social systems? How do we measure these changes? These and other questions are explored everyday by faculty and ESSE students.

As an ESSE student, you'll begin to understand the interactions among all Earth system components while gaining in-depth knowledge in one of four concentrations: Climate Impact Engineering, Climate Science, Meteorology or Space Weather. As a College of Engineering student, with the required 128 credits, you'll earn a BSE in Earth System Science & Engineering.

The proud history of the disciplines has yielded a department honored for its work and ready to educate new generations of scientists and engineers prepared for the future in the University of Michigan tradition: The Leaders and the Best.

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The choice is yours ... The Universe is waiting.

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    The ESSE program meets National Weather Service qualification standards for meteorology positions.
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