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Professor Kasper in NASA article on a new view of solar wind.
Prof. Ricky Rood writes an article on climate change for The Conversation
CYGNSS mission successfully completes NASA’s Critical Design Review (CDR).
Prof. Penner & the NRC on geoengineering: will it help us avoid climate catastrophe?

Alumni Spotlight: Jack Simmons

Jack Simmons

Alumnus Jack Simmons is a grad student in Columbia University's Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences. “Like Michigan, my program at Columbia exposes me to incredible and passionate researchers and peers,” Simmons says.

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Tamas GombosiMy Journey in the Solar System

This talk follows Professor Gombosi’s scientific journey from the study of galactic cosmic rays through the investigation of the plasma environments of comets, Venus, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn to the investigation of the impact of solar storms on our technological systems, known as space weather. Read more about Prof. Gombosi’s Distinguished University Professorship Lecture.