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Slate proclaims Weather Underground's forecast app a modern technological marvel
AOSS engineers and planetary scientists play a role in the discovery
  • PhD applications due by 12/15. MSci applications due by 1/15. MEng apps due by 2/1.

Alumni Spotlight: Cedric Drui

Cedric Drui

Alumnus Cedric Drui is a portfolio manager at a New York-based investment management firm focused on insurance-linked securities. He says the science he learned while earning his Master’s degree with AOSS plays an important part in his work.

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CYGNSS MissionStorm chaser satellite

In chambers that mimic the vacuum of space, Michigan AOSS Engineers are testing a prototype of NASA’s CYGNSS satellite system, which will enable unprecedented insights into the formation and evolution of hurricanes, typhoons and cyclones around the globe. Read more about the CYGNSS mission video from MConneX.