Department of Atmospheric, Oceanic & Space Sciences in the College of Engineering at the University of Michigan

AOSS Features

  • AOSS researchers' model wins spot in the national Space Weather Prediction Center’s forecasting toolbox
  • NEWS: A cabled observatory gives Michigan tech researchers a peek
  • Solar Probe Plus, NASA’s mission to study the sun, passes confirmation review
  • AOSS assistant professor Eric Kort is co-author of report showing that methane leakage is underestimated

Alumnus Spotlight: Ilissa Ocko

Ilissa Ocko

Alumnus Dr. Ilissa Ocko says her passion for climate change started with her classes in AOSS. Today, she is a High Meadows Fellow for the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF).

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Morgan Gorris Undergraduate Student

Undergraduate student Morgan Gorris speaks about her experiences with AOSS, including storm chasing. Learn more about earning a BSE in Earth System Science & Engineering.